Winter of Code'20

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This January, our community Mozilla Phoenix Club hosted Winter Of Code where students of JUET worked/mentored on an open source project for a period of a month. It was organized for the first time to improve the open source exposure in campus and help first yearites get a taste of open source community with a GSoC like timeline.

Winter Of Code is an opportunity for designers, developers and programmers interested in open source contribution to spend some time contributing to open source projects. Think of it as an extended hackathon, but with an advantage to participate and mentor remotely.

We got a great response from JUET Junta. Cheers to all!

It was a great experience for us to mentor such an enthusiastic crowd. Their dedication, hard work and passion makes us believe that they have a bright future in this field.

After a hectic 30 days of coding and 4 days of rigorous evaluation, we congratulate students who have successfully passed the final evaluation.

For the final evaluation we organized a meetup for all the mentors and students and ended the meetup by succesfully distributing certificates and goodies to the participants and mentors.

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Website of Winter of Code

GitHub Repo

Thank You.

Shubhendra Singh Chauhan

Shubhendra Singh Chauhan

Dev 🥑 | Open Source & Community 💖 | Mozilla Rep

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