Rain Of Rust & Open Source Meetup

Rain Of Rust & Open Source Meetup

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This blog post is about the Rain of Rust event and Open Source Meetup held in Kanpur organised by Mozilla Uttar Pradesh Community under #RainOfRust Campaign. This event was successfully organised on 25th June 2017 at Allies Interactive Services Pvt. ltd. This was the first event organised by Mozilla Uttar Pradesh Community in Kanpur.  The aim of the event was to create more awareness about Rust language across the students and developer communities.

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Event Details:-

The event started with the brief introduction of everyone. Then Shivank Shekhar introduced Mozilla and it’s mission and different areas where attendees can contribute to it and after this, he talked about WebVR and told everyone how they can create scenes using a-frame.

Then Adarsh and Rajat Khemka introduced MozUI and how it is going to be the future of UI and UX. Anshuman Tiwari and Shivank Shekhar started off with Rust. They taught attendees how to set up Rust in different platforms like Linux, Mac and Windows. It was a two-way session, attendees were curious to know about Rust and all their queries were being solved by Shivank and Anshuman. they also got to know how Rust programming knowledge is taking over all the technologies and withing few year Rust will become part of every technology.

After Rust session, everyone had snacks and cold drink. Followed by Abdul Qabiz had a geeky talk with everyone. This event was a successful event hosted by Shivank Shekhar in Kanpur. Thanks to Allies for providing the Venue. Before leaving we took a selfie together. 😉

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Shubhendra Singh Chauhan

Shubhendra Singh Chauhan

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