Mozilla Campus Club Orientation'18

Mozilla Campus Club Orientation'18

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Hey All,

Mozilla Phoenix Club-JUET is the Mozilla Campus Club at Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology. This year we organized orientation for fresher year students on 22 August 2018. This orientation session was for the Computer Science and Technology freshmen about the activities the club had done in the past and the objectives club will develop during the semester.


We first gave a brief introduction of Mozilla and Mozilla Campus Clubs and then how Mozilla is making the world a better place for the people by its huge contribution for the Open Source. In the end, we introduced our club’s whole team to the students.



Around 300 students attended the program, This was an interactive session and we got a positive feedback from the audience.

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Shubhendra Singh Chauhan

Shubhendra Singh Chauhan

Dev 🥑 | Open Source & Community 💖 | Mozilla Rep

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