Hour of Code

Hour of Code

- 1 min

My first hour of code


This event was organized by Me at Jay Jyoti School, Rahogarh(Guna, M.P) on 4th December 2017. The Hour of Code is a global movement by Computer Science Education Week and Code.org reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries through a one-hour introduction to computer science and computer programming. Students of classes from 9th to 12 took part in this event. The event started by giving a brief intro to Mozilla, Mozilla Campus Club and Open Source then they were shown a video on how coding is changing the world and daily lives of people. At last, they were taught some fun programming and how to write hello world programs on C, CPP, and Python.

Link to more photos from the event

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Shubhendra Singh Chauhan

Shubhendra Singh Chauhan

Dev 🥑 | Open Source & Community 💖 | Mozilla Rep

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