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On Saturday, 27th April 2018 a Hackathon on “AR-VR” was organized for all the students by the Mozilla Phoenix Club, JUET. This Hackathon was part of the events organized during the annual technical festival of Mozilla Phoenix Club JUET & CSE Department of JUET i.e TACHYON.


The Hackathon was held at CR20 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, 27th April, 2018. Mr. Shivank Shekhar, Mozillian (Google Summer of Code’18 Mentor at Sugar Labs, Board Co-Chair at AR-VR Association and Blockchain Developer at was the key mentor for this Hackathon. AR VR Hackathon was an event that saw participants going on a journey that started as a small budding idea and ended as a Minimum Viable Product that was good enough to turn heads. The theme for the Hackathon was Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. They came together in teams of two, three or maximum four and built a real-world problem-solving project based on virtual reality or Augmented Reality. The total number of attendees was 50.


This Hackathon was sponsored by JetBrains, DOTTech Domains & few more. for more details visit this.

At the end of the workshop, Mozilla swags were distributed among the attendees.


AR VR workshop Photos

Facebook Event

Mozilla Rep Portal Registration

Hackathon Website

Tachyon Website




Shubhendra Singh Chauhan

Shubhendra Singh Chauhan

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