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Hi there! I'm Shubhendra Singh Chauhan, a passionate Developer Advocate with a broad range of technical expertise, community engagement, and a love for open-source technologies. My journey through the tech landscape has been defined by continuous learning and a steadfast commitment to share knowledge and empower developer communities.

Community and Leadership:My dedication extends well beyond my professional responsibilities. As a current Mozilla Rep, and having served as a GitHub Campus Expert and GitKraken Ambassador, I've thrown myself into the heart of community building and leadership within the open-source ecosystem. Whether it's through mentoring, organising tech events, or speaking/volunteering at conferences, my actions are driven by a belief in the power of community to foster innovation and growth.

Beyond the Binary World: When I'm not navigating the digital landscape, you might find me attending or volunteering for tech events, mentoring aspiring developers, or seeking new adventures on the road. I'm an avid traveler who enjoys trekking and exploring breathtaking destinations whenever I get the chance.